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CS61C - Great Ideas in Computer Architecture Academic Intern

I think CS61C is one of the best classes offered at Berkeley. Unfortunately, this means the class gets full really quickly, which leads to ballooning class sizes, which can make it difficult to obtain the support you need, and in turn destroys the experience for many undergraduates. I wanted to make that better, so I joined the course staff.

I knew going in, that my actions should always portray a legitimate concern for the wellbeing of my students, and an interest in the quality of their education. To this end, I scheduled as much flexibility as I could around office hours such that I could finish helping the students I was working with, and talk to anyone who was still around. Often times, this is when I would answer additional conceptual questions, and address concerns about course pacing.

I was also sure to monitor Piazza to answer any publicly asked questions. As an AI, and not a UGSI, I did not have the ability to view privately asked questions, so I made sure to answer every public question I could. In theory, this would free up the UGSI's and Professors to focus on the orders of magnitude more private questions, but with several hundred students per UGSI, it was probably still pretty overwhelming.