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Disability Lab - RAMP and

My Junior year at UC Berkeley, I became a part of Karen Nakamura's Disability Lab. At Dislab, I got the chance to work on a variety of projects, inlcuding the Radical Accessible Mapping Project, and their website and I work with the Open Computing Facility to manage the technology side of their site.

When I began working with my peers on the RAMP engine, I was able to propose several accepted changes, including:
  • Create an onboarding document for new members
    • I found it difficult to get up to speed as a new member.

  • Create a design document to facilitate collaboration across memebers of our team
    • We didn't have enough members or time to do everything at once.

  • Get plans approved by lab management before dedicating too many resources.
    • We had an issue where a miscommunication lead to us spending too much time on serverside programming, when we were only supposed to be researching pathfinding algorithms.
    • This was really bad for team moracle.
During Summer 2021, our previous web developer stepped down, which meant it was time for someone to inherit the project. Since I had recently learned Web Development, it was almost natural that this project became mine too. At first, it seemed my job was rather simple. The site wouldn't show up on google search, so I figured I would have to play with SEO for a bit, and maybe request some google webcrawlers.

Of course everything is always more broken than you think, and shortly after I inherited this project, the entire website went offline. A classic "Server not found" error. So far the issue seems to be that the site was configured to be hosted at and as though the two urls were interchangable, but as of now I am unsure which one we are actually intended to be using.

Click Here to see if I figured it out!