VLSI Engineer, Game Developer, Computer Scientist
A UC Berkeley Computer Science Major looking to get involved in the VLSI Industry.

Hello! I am Oliver Puffer. I built this site to showcase the most interesting projects I have worked on throughout my time at UC Berkeley. I am passionate about Computer Architecture and VLSI, and in Spring 2021's offering of Computer Architecture and Engineering, I was on the team that created the fastest perfect-accuracy-Specter-attack and fastest vectorized-Sparse-Matrix-Vector-Multiplication.

In my free time I participate in Game Jams, and take courses in creative programming. The results of those efforts can be seen on the Games page.

Email me if you want to get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you!

Projects: Dyta - Dyticid-Inspired, Automated Underwater Vehicle

Dyta is a Diving-beetle inspired AUV. designed and fabricated as a final project for the spring 2019 offering of Bioinspired Design. While observing the swimming mechanics of diving beetles, we noted the ways the setae on their legs fanned out while kicking and folded flat on the recovery. We were able to replicate this mechanism using 3d printed parts, fabric, and servo motors. Visit the Projects page for more information.

Computer Architecture, Bioinspired Design, UAVs, Web Development, activism, and more! Find out what I've been working on.
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Games: Cow Rescue - Scorespace 11 Game Jam 6th Place

FACT: Despite decades of scientific surveying, Cows have only been found on one planet.
FACT: This is also the only planet where cows are legally eaten as food.

Your objective is to safe these cows from their terrible fate.

The Scorespace 11 Game jam afforded me the opprotunity to work alongside some good friends and learn how to use the Unity Engine. Our game, Cow Rescue, placed 6th out of 34 submissions.

Aliens, Museums, Hospitals, and Sproul Hall! View more of the games I've worked on!
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