Cow Rescue: Scorespace 11 Game Jam 6th Place

FACT: Despite decades of scientific surveying, Cows have only been found on one planet.
FACT: This is also the only planet where cows are legally eaten as food.

Your objective is to safe these cows from their terrible fate.

The Scorespace 11 Game jam afforded me the opprotunity to work alongside some good friends and learn how to use the Unity Engine. Our game, Cow Rescue, placed 6th out of 34 submissions.
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Class Project: The Museum Visit

A class trip to the museum, but what if something terrible happens?
You need to analyze an artwork, but as a relative outsider to the art world, can your analysis ever be valid? Or does your act of ignorant analysis damage the work in some way? Maybe you are overthinking everything.

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Hospital Game: Art 173 Final Project

You know, it is really weird. You are supposed to be here to get better, but it actually just makes you afraid to be sick again. I guess that means it is working?

This was my final project for Art 173, I had orginally planned this game to have many more puzzles and environment interactions, but I am happy with the end result.

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Other Misc. Games

Here are some other fun things I made. Spin the Wheel was made while I was learning web development and javascript during fall 2020. That was a difficult semester for a lot of people, and I think Spin the Wheel summarizes what a lot of people were feeling.

Sproul Hall Simulator was made later in that same semester, to practice p5.js and Aframe. If you have ever walked through sproul hall during a normal semester, you'll get what I was going for.

Check them out at the links below! Mouse and Keyboard Reccomended.
Spin the Wheel
Sproul Hall Simulator